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Internet Marketing involves a large variety of options to consider. Each different type of marketing can work depending on your product or service. We have used virtually all types of Internet Marketing so we know what works best for the short and long term of your web site.

Short Term Marketing

This type of internet marketing drives traffic directly to your web site quickly. Is considered short term because as soon as you stop using it there will be no more traffic to your site. Some of the forms of short term marketing are:

  • Autoresponder Campaigns
    • Autoresponder messages are setup to sequentially send message to a group of potential customers.
  • Purchasing Direct Traffic

  • You can purchase hits to your site.
  • Key Word Clicks

    • Potential customers are driven to your site by your link being displayed when a search is done on keywords that you have purchased.
  • Sponsored Keyword Traffic
    • Your site will appear on the top of the first page when a search is done on your keyword.

Long Term Marketing:

  • Search Engine Optimization
    • Your Web Site is optimized so that the search engines view your site as relative to keywords and phrases that are associated with your product or service.
  • Search Engine Submissions
    • Your site should be resubmitted to all of the major search engines so that it can be indexed for new content.
  • Directory Submissions
    • Directories require a manual submission and are much more particular about the web sites that they allow.
  • Article Marketing
    • When you write articles about your product or service you establish your self as an expert in your field which results in more traffic.
  • Article Submissions
    • Your article need to be submitted to all of the relevant directories so that you can gain more exposure to your web site.
  • Link Building
    • One Way links will direct traffic and make your site more relevant to the search engines.
  • Reciprocal Links
    • These links are an exchange between two web sites and also increase your relevance.
  • Blogs
    • Having a blog on your site allows for two way exchange between you and potential customers.
  • Autoresponder Marketing
    • This is both short and long term marketing. Once your potential customer opts in to your campaign you can have a long term message series to maintain contact.