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Lead Generation is ultimately what you are trying to accomplish when you optimize your website and use the various forms of internet advertising that there are available.

Each person that visits your site is a lead and you are trying to convert that lead into a paying customer either by purchasing your product or service or having them take a survey.

Track All of Your Results

It is critical that you track all of the internet advertising that you use so you can shift the money from what does not work as well to what works better. If you have a haphazard approach to tracking your advertising then it will cost you money and you may not even know it. How would you unless you have the statistics to evaluate.

There are multiple pieces to the internet marketing puzzle and you need all of the pieces to fit together to make it work.

Where are the places that you can generate leads?

You can generate leads and sales in basically 3 ways:

By purchasing leads
• Offline through traditional advertising
• Online techniques

Purchasing Leads

There is a multitude of sources available for purchasing leads. Virtually any market that you are in has a source of those types of leads. Whether it is credit leads to weight loss there is a lead vendor that can supply them. These leads are generated by the lead vendors by employing a number of advertising methods. The lead vendors run radio ads, magazine ads and internet ads to name a few. Many of these leads can be expensive depending on how targeted they are. Targeted means that they are filtered down to exactly what you are looking for. Consider that the lead vendor has already spent the money for the advertising and the cost of the lead has the generation cost built in. You can do all or some of these advertising methods yourself but unless you are an expert you will be paying for your learning curve.

Offline Lead Generation

This refers to your traditional avenues of advertising. Every form of advertising is targeted at one thing. Increasing the sales of your product or service. There a wide variety of methods available such as:

Drop Cards – These are small cards that consist of a call to action. The ad should point out some pain that the potential reader may be having and that you have the solution to ease that pain. It does not have to be a physical pain. It very often is the pain associated with being broke.
Post Cards – You can have postcards printed for a relatively cheap price and hand these out. You can also mail them to a mailing list. If you really want to get a large portion in the hands of potential prospects you can get a bulk mailers license from the post office and get cheaper mailing rates.
Additional Advertising – You can also run newspaper, magazine, radio or television advertising but these are very high end proposals and could yield very poor results.

Internet Lead Generation

The internet is by far the easiest and cheapest form of advertising. You still need to learn how to do things the right way. The wrong way will cost extra money. Here are just a few of the ways that you can build up a regular supply of leads:

Write a Blog – It will take some time for this method to build up a steady flow of leads. You cannot ignore that once these leads start flowing they will be extremely targeted. They become readers of your blog because of the content that you offer so they don’t get any more targeted than reading exactly what you tell them.
Pay per Click – This is a very quick way to get started and can be inexpensive depending on how you run your campaigns. This is where learning how to track your results is extremely important. You need to have several ads running and more importantly you need to monitor what is working. Otherwise you are throwing money away on the wrong ads. To use this technique you should also have more than one lead capture page. Driving the traffic is only the 1st part of the equation for generating leads. The second part is to get the prospect to take the desired action.
Social Media – (Face book, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn) this form is more about building a relationship with your followers and friends. If you hit them hard with a direct sell then you will lose them. Your approach must be more subtle. This technique can yield great results but only if your timing is correct.

What do you do with leads once you have them?

This is where an auto responder or follow-up system becomes critical. Many of your prospects will purchase your product or service but not necessarily on 1st contact. With an automated follow-up system you can keep in touch and feed them information a little bit at a time. As they see the value to what you offer they will be nudged into making a purchase. This all happens because of your efforts in capturing their information.


Article Marketing & Video Marketing can also increase your visability on the internet and bring you more prospects.