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Website Optimization is the art of making your page relevant to both your human visitors and the search engines. Your potential clients must be able to easily navigate your site so they can decide whether or not your product or service fits their needs. The Internet population will not tolerate broken links or poorly designed navigation. Let's face it there are hundreds of website that they can go to.

So we strive to make your site easy to use and easy to find when a potential customer is looking for you.

It sounds easy enough to do right?

You must know all of the following to build a completely optimized site:
• How to write compelling content to have your visitor go to whatever your final desired action is.
• You must know what keyword phrases visitors are looking for so they can find your site.
• You must know how to properly use keyword placement so that search engines will rank you as high as possible.

Internet Marketing vs. SEO

The difference between Internet marketing and seo is that you pay for internet marketing in the form of PPC campaigns or programs like Google Ad words. This type of traffic is much quicker to have people visiting your site but it also much more expensive. It is also a short lived type of traffic. By this I mean that once you stop paying for the ads the traffic STOPS!

With Search Engine Optimization you can get a good 1st page ranking and you can maintain it for some time. There is also a difference in where your ad appears on the search engine. Pain marketing displays your ads on the side or the very top depending on how much you pay. Organic rankings which are the type that you have when you use SEO are just below the paid ads. This may seem like you are getting short changed but I know that many people ignore the paid ads and look straight to the organic listings. I believe that the organic listing has more of what I am looking for and they deserve the clicks for all the work that they have put in to reach the 1st page of the search engines.

How to get to the Top of Google

You must learn how to correctly write your web copy or pay someone to do it for you. I use a combination of both. I cannot claim to know your business or product better than you do. I do know how to write the content correctly to have the search engines give more credit to it.