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Pay per click advertising is a unique form of advertising in that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. You select what you are willing to pay for each click. Depending on what your bid per click is will place your ad higher or lower on the page. Higher bidders are placed in a more prominent position. Pay per click can drive traffic to your website immediately giving time for your organic rankings to take old. By using both of these approaches you can start to create a revenue stream right away.

Tracking of your ad words is critical

There is never a more important time to track what you are doing than when you are using a pay per click campaign. You can either pay too much or lose valuable traffic if you do not pay attention to what your traffic is doing. You see paying for each and every click is one thing but if you do not monitor the results of your pay per click campaign after the click then you may be wasting hundreds or thousands of dollars. The click is only the beginning. The payment is the end.

Running multiple ads

It is best to run multiple ads and then watch the progress of each ad. This way you can utilize the winners and drop the ads that are not making you money. Do not run so many ads that you cannot accurately track all of the results of each ad.

What is your Competition doing?

It has never been more important than when running a pay per click campaign to know what your competition is doing. If you know what they are spending and what keywords they are bidding on then a good portion of your market research is already done. It would be even better if you knew what ads they were using. Then look no further. Spend more time making money and less time researching.