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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is what virtually everyone on the Internet is trying to achieve. Why would you want to ignore it? Well, if you are planning on exclusively using pay per click advertising or some other form of driving traffic to your website then you will not need it. I would use multiple forms of advertising but never ignore the value that SEO can bring to your website.

SEO is just too hard

While there are a number of things that you need to properly execute seo and do well it is not something that you should ignore. Just imagine having targeted keywords and keyword phrases that bring up your website every time someone is searching on them. When someone performs a search in a search engine they are looking for something specific. When they are using long tail keywords they are looking for something even more specific. This makes the person that is arriving on your website much more motivated to want the service or product that you are offering.

SEO is a lot of little things

There is no most important thing to do to have a high ranking page in a search engine. It is a long list of little things done well and consistently. It is not enough to just write a page with some poorly written content. Not only will this get you no traffic but it will more than likely send your visitor to someone elses website. You must provide a good amount of content on your page and it must make sense. A good number to shoot for is 400 or more words per page. This is actually very easy to do if you keep the page focused on only one keyword or keyword phrase. This allows you to be more specific and gives you more content.

Each Page is it’s own niche

You should be treating each page of your website as it’s own niche. As you can see on this page I am only focusing on SEO. At the same time I will mention other pieces of the puzzle that go into making an optimized page but these are links to another “niche”. Using this technique will undoubtedly increase the amount of pages that you are creating. That is a great thing. This will eventually turn you into the ultimate authority. The more keenly focused pages that you have on your website the better.

Micro Niche Finder

Where do I start?

Well that’s easy. You make your start in the beginning. The first page of your website. Try to focus in on the main reason for your website. As you are writing you will recognize ideas for other pages that you will need to create. No problem! As you come across this just create another page on your website to link to and then add the content to that page when you are done with the page you are currently writing on.

Are Keywords Important?

They are extremely important. These are the terms that searches are looking for; it does very little good to have a page full of great content if no one is searching for that term. If you use a tool like Micro Niche Finder you will be able to quickly and easily find not only new ideas for websites but a lot of new ideas for pages on your website. The keyword placement for your pages is important. You do not want to stuff your keyword everywhere but you do want your main keyword to be closer to the top of the page. Your Keyword Phrases are also important. Even though you are keeping the topic of your page to one main focus you will have other supporting phrases to the main topic. These should be used but expaned upon on another page so you can make these secondary keywords links to another page on your website. There is another term that you should be aware of and that is keyword density. This is basically the amount of times you use your keywords. You do not want to use them too often or you will be penalized for keyword stuffing. Less is more in most cases.

As it is with most things in life:
There is a learning curve
The hardest part is starting
So Just DO IT!