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Online video is one of the most effective ways to create a personal connection with your potential clients. It is the next best thing to actually meeting someone in person. This can go a long way in forming the trust and connection that is needed when working with someone that you have never met. Adding video to your website can also increase your visibility on the internet. Video Marketing is also one form of online marketing that is somewhat underutilized.

How Do You Get Started putting video on your website

Start out your video advertising by creating a welcome video. Place the video on your front page so that your visitors can put a face to the content that they are reading. It does not need to be a long video. A couple of minutes will do the trick. Remember that this is your first impression so it is important. The video will be basically an about me page but do your best to focus on your visitor.

Other Beginning Content Video's

You can create a series of short video’s that offer tips to your visitors. You can upload these videos to places like YouTube. The videos will offer tip and tricks in your particular area of expertise. Do not attempt to sell in the videos. You will do best to explain a problem and how your audience can use your tips to correct the problem. This short series of videos is meant to build your credibility. You do not want your viewers to be thinking “that this gut is just trying to sell me something”.
It is best in these beginning video to be on camera. Do not create a series of screenshot and you talking in the background. You are trying to create a special relationship in these videos.

How to Create Compelling Content for your website video

There are a lot of videos available on the Internet. The best way to have your video seen is to stay on target. Do not create tags for your video that do not relate to the video. Stay on point and give the viewers what you promised. Whether you are on or off camera will depend on the type of video. You want to be seen when you are sharing your expertise if it does not require extensive documentation. If you are creating a product video or a “how to video” then you can either have yourself in a picture in a picture or just record the audio over the screenshots.

How long should the Web Video Be?

Your video must hold the attention of the viewer so depending on the content it should usually lean to the short side. As long as you get your point across. If you are shooting an instructional or demo video then longer may be necessary. Just stay on point.

What Video Software is best?

Always remember that the content is the most important. A lower quality video with great content is better than an extremely professional video with bad content. It is very easy to shoot a video these days with fairly inexpensive equipment. You can use a small point and shoot camera that will record video. Most smart phones will also record video. These will do just fine until you can afford to upgrade. You tube also has a video editor online that you can use. Camtasia is excellent video editing software that will have you creating video like a pro in no time.

How to put Video on Website

You will want to upload your video to as many online video sites that you can to gain exposure and back links to your website. You will also want to include your video on your website. The easiest way to display your video on your website is to upload to YouTube and then use their embed code to easily add it to your website or blog.