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Lead Capture pages are exactly what they sound like. Your website will offer a lot of information about your product or service. Even with great navigation in place your visitors may get distracted by outside influences and leave your site.

A lead capture page is an entry way to your site that gives the visitor some information. In order for them to proceed you ask them to provide some contact information. This way you can contact them right away by phone or email to answer any questions they may have. They can also be automatically added to a secondary auto responder campaign with different messages. After all at this point they are not just anyone; they are someone that has already come to your site so they are a targeted lead at this point. By being added into another auto responder campaign you give them multiple chances to learn more and become a customer.

When people arrive at your website they are potentially in a wide variety of stages. They may be just doing research or they may be ready to buy. Either way you will want to increase your chances of an eventual sale by collecting some information from your visitor. You can increase the chances of this happening by offering them a reason. Some of the things to offer are:

Join a Newsletter to receive notification of new products or sales
Early Bird Specials
Receive a discount coupon in an email
When you offer a discount coupon that will be emailed to them they are highly likely to provide a deliverable email address to make sure they receive the coupon
Offer a free eBook via email
Create a free members area that requires an email address to gain access

How to Use Your List

Once you have made an offer that people will want to sign up for you will need to use that list of people. Some of these people will have already made a purchase but many of them will still need some nudging. By having these people on an email list you can send them sequential information about how your product can benefit them. You can tell them how it has helped others and how it will provide the solution that they have been looking for. This can easily be accomplished by using an auto responder system.

Check out our sample list of Lead Capture pages that we have already designed. Most of the following also had a custom email campaign designed to drive traffic directly to the lead capture page.

Earth Care Green Products

Lead Capture Page designed to develop leads for the Going Green Industry

Earth Care Green Products

Lead Capture Page designed to develope leads for an energy saver product

Earth Care Green Products

Lead Capture page designed to develope leads for a breakthrough Peel and Stick Solar Roof Top

Mold Institute

Lead Capture Page designed to develop leads for mold certification students


Lead Capture Page designed to develop leads for new home business


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