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Article Marketing is one of the best ways to build links to your website. However you cannot just throw together an article and submit it to the article marketing websites. You must have a well written article. A well written article is one that provides valuable information about the topic you are writing about. If the article provides useful information to the reader then they will actually read your article and in many cases recommend your article to other colleagues.

Article Internet Marketing

There are a number of reasons to use article marketing as part of your internet marketing strategy. Each article you write and post to an article database will provide a back link to your website. Articles are one of the few free ways that allow you to include a link to your website. Back links to your website are a requirement to receive higher website rankings. Without links pointing to your website you will be forced to pay for a different form of advertising. The second reason to use this form of advertising is to establish yourself as an expert on the subject that you are writing about. Do you think that someone that perceives you as an expert is more or less likely to make a purchase of products that you recommend or services that you offer?

Consistency is Key

Search engines are smart. They will recognize a blog or website that is submitting consistent valuable content. Your readers are also smart and looking for your content. They will continue to review your content if you provide it on a regular basis. If they have to wait forever then you will be seen as a less reputable source for valuable information.

Article Marketing Tips

Many people have a rough time trying to see where they should start when writing an article. They have an even harder time trying to come up with multiple article ideas. The first and best place to start is with keyword analysis. If you are going to be writing article then you need to know what the potential readers are looking for. This is the same strategy that you must use when you are writing website content. If you have not already done this make sure to go and set up a free Google ad words account. This is where your keyword analysis will always start.

Using Google Ad Words

Google ad words is a required tool in your article writing strategy. This gives you a place start for each article. You will find it will also spawn many new article ideas. These new article ideas will already have a good basis to start with. You can start out by just entering a few keyword phrases that have something to do with your article. Google Ad words will give you a list of other keyword phrases that could be potential new article ideas. The best keywords are going to be ones with at least 5,000 monthly searches. They should also have a low competition ranking. This combination can sometimes be difficult to find depending on your niche. If you can only find highly competitive words with 5,000 monthly search volumes then you can go for lower monthly searches. After all, any traffic that you receive from this article is going to be highly targeted.