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So what's all the hype about having a blog?

Well first off it is not hype. A blog is by far the most user friendly "web site" available especially for users that are new to the Internet. Once your blog is setup a new user can be adding new content in hours.

What type of content?

Frankly anything you wish. You can keep your customers up to date on new products and promotions. You can add a new post each time you add a new product. Change of address? Sure! The wordpress software (which is free) is one of the best scripts I have ever used. There are endless free plugins.

So what is a plugin?

A plugin is an additional module that you can add to your blog . It adds functionality to your blog depending on what you want to use your blog for. Here are just a few:

  • Automatically build your sitemaps
  • Automatically feed your blog to feedblaster
  • Automatically add your tweeter posts to your blog
  • Add forms to your blog
  • Add RSS feeds
  • Add You Tube videos

The plugin's are extremely easy to add to your blog. You can also upload countless themes to your blog.

So what is a theme?

A theme is the look of your blog. They vary in functionality and look. You can literally have hundreds of themes available for your blog and change the look in a few click's. Try that with a traditional web site.

Will a blog help with marketing?

Oh yes, without a doubt . As long as you add regular content. The search engines love content for a web site and they really love new content on a regular basis. Each time you add a post to your blog you have new content and with the right plugin you can let the search engines know that you have new content. It really is a beautiful thing. I still have my traditional web sites and I always will but I have also changed many of my sites to either include a blog or make the entire site a blog. They work that well!

If you want a blog I can set one up for you and also provide hosting. I also provide a set of videos teaching you how to most all of the common tasks of keeping a blog updated.

Here are some of my current blogs:

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BNDream Makers
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