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Link Building is perhaps the most difficult of all of the pieces to building traffic to your website. There are basically 2 types of links. There are inbound one way links and reciprocal links. An inbound link to your website is when another website links over to your website. A reciprocal link is usually a link exchange where both websites link to each other.

Does Link Building matter?

Inbound links to your website are very important. Basically each time a relevant website links to your website it is a vote for your site. When a searcher on the Internet is looking for something they enter a keyword or keyword phrase. The search engine must decide what pages is the best match. If 2 websites are equal in all respects then the decision is based on links to the website. The website with more inbound links will get the nod. Of course that is a very simple way to look at it but it is basically correct. The more relevant the website is to your topic the better.

Should you purchase links?

In the short term this can work for you but over the long term it will probably hurt more than help. Search Engines actively look for websites that are providing paid links and eventually you will probably be downgraded if you are found out.

Using a Link Building Campaign

A link building strategy involves making critical decisions regarding how you should proceed to build the inbound links that are so valuable to your website traffic.

There are 5 major components to this type of campaign:

Building links form Authority Domains
Building Links from Volume Domains
Building Links to other than your Home Page (Deep Linking)
Developing Links with Anchor Text
Local Link Building

Building links form Authority Domains

The first step is to determine what authority sites there are that relate to your website content. There is very little information on what makes an authority website so the best way to determine this is based on the Google Ranking of the website. Once you have determined 10 websites that you believe to be authority sites you need to try and get a link from them. You can try the direct method and that is by asking them for a link and a second indirect method is by using PR and Social Media Campaigns.

Building Links from Volume Domains

It is important to get as many links from as many domains as possible. If you have 100 links from 1 domain it does not nearly have the power as 100 links from 100 domains. The methods to get these links remain the same. Some of the issues that you will encounter are websites with high rankings will not want to link to a lower ranking website. Many of the website owners will be happy to link to you in exchange for a link to them. This does not carry the same weight as a one way link.

Building Links to other than you’re Home Page (Deep Linking)

Most people will usually visit your website through your home page but over time if you utilize deep linking as a regular strategy you will see your inner pages start to have more traction and grow in rank. This means that you will need to build links that go directly to these pages. Sometimes these links are easier to obtain if you have treated each page of your website as its own niche.

Developing Links with Anchor Text

Anchor text links are when the link to your website has the exact same text in the link. If your website is selling Used Ford Cars and you have multiple websites pointing to your website page that use the anchor text of "Used Ford Cars" then you have some very valuable links.

Local Link Building

If you have a local office or primarily sell your service or product in a specific are then you will want more local links pointing to you. The more links that you can get to your website from other local business the better. If you have a Sacramento Door Installation business then you will want more links from other Sacramento business. These links should be easier to obtain because you will not necessarily be in direct competition with what they are promoting.

As I started out at the beginning of the page I said that link building can be one of the hardest strategies in building traffic to your website. It will probably endure longer than many strategies so it is well worth it. Many times it is overwhelming just trying to do the research and keep track of what you are doing. There are some link building tools that simplify the process.

Internet Business Promoter is extremely proficient at all of the following:
Finding websites to link to you
Sending an email request for the link
Keeping track of who is linking to you
Uploading link to other sites


If you are employing a link building strategy then you definitely will need a tool to manage it all. The IBP product does the trick.

You can also use web based link building from site such as:

Link Market
Free Link Exchange site

Linkalizer makes it easy and fast for you to to find link exchange partners and increase traffic.