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Finding Keyword phrases is what you are doing when you are conducting your keyword research. Search engines are much more sophisticated than ever before and are very good at bringing in the best results when searching for long tail keywords. A long tail keyword is basically a keyword phrase. Not only have seach engines matured so have search engine users. Most users are refining their searched by typing in long tail searches. They will use "how to build a greenhouse" instead of "greenhouse". The results are more precise and they get to the information they are looking for faster.

How Do You Fund the keyword Phrases

There are a lot of methods for finding the best keywords. Some are free but it requires more work on your part to interpret the information. There are also many good tools that will digest the information for you and give you a clear direction.
There are two different types of websites. There are the websites that people create to promote their business product or service. There are affiliate marketers that are looking to promote whatever products that are easily marketable.

What tools should you use?

No matter what type of website you are creating you must do the research first.

You should be conducting your keyword research to creat all of the following:

Website Domain Name
Website Navigation
Website Titles
Website Keyword Meta Tags
Website Description Meta Tags
And of course your website content

The Internet is an extremely competitive place and everyone wants the 1st page since that is definitely where most of the money is. Chances are that is you are just getting started with a new website and there is already a market for your product or service then you will need to be doing some thinking outside of the box.

There are keywords that are highly competitive and the only way to rank for those is to use pay per click or a lot of consistent work on promoting your website. The other way is to work on the keywords that people are looking for but they do not have the highest amount of searchers. These keywords usually have less competition and can get you on the front page of google much quicker.
In order to find these gold nuggets you will need to do a lot of manual research in a free google adwords account or you can use a keyword tool such as Micro Niche Finder and it will put your research on hyper speed