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In order to have an effective newsletter campaign you need to have well written messages already setup in your autoresponder. This newsletter series provides more information about your product or service. They also server to keep your name and website in the minds of people that have joined your newsletter.

This will prove very effective over time. So how to you get people on your newsletter? You have either a button or popup on your website and ask them to join. If you have a free ebook or consultation that you want to offer then you can give that away as a reward for joining your newsletter.

Be careful on how you give away your information. If you have a form that redirect the visitor as soon as they fill out the form then they do not have to give accurate information in order to get to your giveaway. Send them the link to the page instead by email. This way if they are really interested they will give you correct information.

A professional looking email newsletter shows that you are professional. Your newsletter should brand itself so if it has the general look of your web site then it is seamless for your potential customer. When they see the email message they know it is you.