Alarm System Sales

Alarm System Sales

The competition in alarm system sales has gone through roof and it is only getting tougher. With this kind of competition you need to have an edge. You need something that is going to set you apart from all of the other companies. I have worked for several types of companies as a technician and in sales. I noticed that in the sales end of the business a lot of the newer companies are not interested in nurturing the leads. If they do not make a sale on the 1st visit they move on to the next unsuspecting customer until one of them takes the bait. All of us would like to make the sale on the spot but today’s consumer is getting smarter than that and they want to do some research and possibly get multiple prices. You would do the same if you were in the market for an alarm.

Lead Follow Up Systems

Many people are just kicking tires to see what it might cost but are not quite ready to make a purchase. Unfortunately many of these will make a purchase after they have had a burglary. So when they are finally ready to make the purchase whose name will they remember and call? Will it be you? Probably not, unless you have been sending them regular correspondence educating and reminding them of the benefits of working with you. I understand that there is not a lot of time when you are in sales. You are always chasing the next sale. So the system needs to be automated. With our system we have an Autoresponder with pre-programmed messages that will automatically be sent to your potential customer with the only purpose being to be in front of the next guy that wants to make the sale. You can bet that the other guy is not following up.

Alarm System Sales

Security Alarm Articles

Your customer needs to hear from you and also be educated at the same time. Let them know what is going on in the area. Let them know what new innovations are available. Let them know about sales that are going on. Your follow up letters are NOT sales letters. They are designed to nurture your potential customers into buying customers.

Custom Security Alarm Websites

Most companies in the alarm industry have a website. Most are not good or they are only designed to capture a lead and only that. Many of them do not even attempt at educating the potential customer. As an individual sales person for company XYZ you are sending all of the potential prospects to the company website and it is almost a guarantee that when they call in it will not be directly to you and all of your hard work went to a fellow salesman. The only way to stop that is to have your own website.

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