Video Creation

Video Creation

Video Creation Pricing

BNDream Makers will create your video using the following pricing. Each video is approximately 3-5 minutes long.

  1. Keyword Analysis
    1. You provide the product and we will provide the keyword analysis so that the best description and tags can be used for your product.
  2. Create Video Content
    1. We will build the story boards for your video based on our keyword analysis.
  3. Create Video
    1. Next we assemble your video
  4. Voice Narration
    1. Then we narrate the video and make sure that the timing is just right.
  5. Publish Video
    1. After all of the video and voice components have been added we publish the video.

We will upload the video to your You Tube Account and also add the description and tags for your video. These are designed to make full use of the keyword analysis that we started out with. You will also receive the finished video in a mp4 format so that you can upload it to additional websites.

Video Creation

Keyword Analysis $33.00
Create Video Content $66.00
Create Video $33.00
Voice Narration $16.00
Publish Video $10.00

We offer video modification services to alter an existing video for you. Typically this includes the addition of a new intro slide and a new end slide with a call to action.

Video Modification

Video Modification $16.00
Add 1st Slide Intro $33.00
Add Last Slide Call to Action $33.00
Publish Video $11.00

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