Online Help Desk

Anyone running a security company knows that support issues can take up a lot of time and in many cases the customer could have found the answers online.


Setup an Online Help Desk

Most security websites offer no information for your customers. They are all about how they can get a quote for a new system or how they can pay there bill. Customer service for your customers is usually a redundant series of questions and answers that could easily be answered if you made a help desk available to them. If you teach your customers to use your online website using consistent emails to them then many of your phone calls will be eliminated which gives you more time to deal with customers with more unique issues.

Build your Online Help Desk knowledgebase

We can setup your Hesk online help desk with a built in knowledgebase that will cut down on support issues. Your customers can submit support tickets online and each ticket depending on the issue can be sent to the appropriate technician. Every question that can be answered without human intervention can help to increase profits and also give you more time to deal with issues that require direct interaction. Your online help desk and knowledgebase can grow over time as you see trends to the same questions.


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