Lead Generation for Alarm Sales

Lead Generation for Alarm Sales

Explode your Lead Generation Efforts

Lead generation for alarm sales is very hard. The competition with door knockers and primarily ADT is overwhelming! You definitely need an edge. If you are serious about making a living with selling alarm systems then you need to be able to set yourself apart. Have you ever tried any of these methods?

  • Use an Autoresponder to Follow Up
  • Purchase an email campaign for targeted emailing
  • Build a website of your own to refer customers

Using Autoresponders for Follow Up

An autoresponder is an automated system that will send pre programmed messages to your current client database. As a salesman myself I have found that is very exhausting to constantly call people back over and over again just to have your prospects avoid your calls over and over again. That does not happen any more. I always get an email address of anyone that wants a quote so I can send them a written quote. Once  I generate the quote I send them the quote by adding them to my autoresponder. This is how it works:

  1. Generate the quote and upload it to my website
  2. Add the new prospects information to an online form
  3. The prospects information is added to the autoresponder
  4. The first message has the quote attached and also giving them a a link to download the quote (I have had a lot of customers say they could not open the PDF,after adding the download link I do not have that ever happen)
  5. They are sent a personalized message with the quote and they also receive a series of messages for however long I want. I have a message for over 1 year that sends them messages on a diminishing basis.

Now I can easily move on knowing that I am still contacting the customers without wasting my time making a bunch of phone calls. I have even gone to the point of adding all of contacts into an autoresponder, For instance when a customer signs with a competitor I add them to a 3 year autoresponder and start contacting them when their current contract is up.

Using an email campaign for lead generation

When you are just starting out you may have no leads to start with so you can purchase a database of leads and then automatically send them your message to turn them into a lead for your autopresponder campaign.

Build a website of your own to refer customers

Even though the alarm company that you work for probably has a website is counter productive to drive traffic to their website. If your leads end up on a website other than your own then you will probably lose sales to other sales people in the company. You should have your own website so you can be directly rewarded for your efforts.

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