Lead Capture Pages

9 Tips on Building an Effective Lead Capture page in wordpress

Lead Capture Page

  1. Use a static page instead of a post page.
    1. A lead capture page typically stays the same with relatively few updates. They should be placed in the main menu for easy access.
  2. Make your Permalink short.
    1. If you were creating a page and wanted to have good seo then a longer url would be appropriate but this is a signup page so the content for seo purposes is not as relative. What you do want is a page that people can remember.
  3. Create Action lines that are compelling for your headline title
    1. Your title should be clear and honest about what you are offering. This does not mean that cannot provide all of the reasons why they should take action but make sure they are signing up for the right reason. You can check your headline out here
  4. Create your Landing Page with good copywriting technique

Here is a sample of how to start:

Statement of uniqueness
Backed up with a supporting statement to establish credibility

Expand on the experience
And explain how you solve a pain point

Close with urgency to encourage a call-to-action click

  1. Keep your message to the point
    1. Too much and you will bore your reader and they will click off. Give them enough to wet their appetite and make them take the appropriate action to get more.
  2. Use Bullet points to organize your important information
    1. Bullet points allow you to make several points in a small area and break up long areas of text. You can also use these as a way to remind your reader of key points.
  3. Keep your Optin form above the fold.
    1. Your Optin form should be easy to find without a lot of scrolling. “Above the fold” means if your web page was a piece of paper and you folded it in half then the Optin in form should be above the fold line. You get the point; keep it at the top area of your page. If your lead capture page is longer then, place the form in several locations.
  4. Use Video Content
    1. Adding a video to your page allows you to connect on a personal level and increase conversions by up to 80%. With increased conversions like this you need to make a video.
  5. Mention the SPAM Issue
    1. Everyone hates spam and they want to do everything they can to not fill their inbox with more of it. So you must ensure your potential new signup that you hate it too and you will not sell their name to anyone. Also let them know how easy it is to unsubscribe if your information is not what they expected.

Sample Lead Capture Pages


Ameriplan Lead Capture Page

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Earthcare Energy Saver

Earthcare Solar Golf Carts

Mold Institute

Zurvita Vitamins and Supplements

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