Follow Up on Sales

Follow Up on Sales

Alarm system sales can be hard. The competition is everywhere and many customers only value the bottom line. They forget that a little more paid will get them a better company with better service. With that said as a sales man you need to take advantage of every opportunity to close a sale. A follow-up system should be in place so that you can work your more promising leads right away while your leads that are waiting forever to make a decision can still be nurtured but with less of your valuable time. An automatic follow-up system allows you to stay in contact with your potential customers so when they are ready to act you are the one that they contact.

Use an Auto Responder System to follow up

I have had customer that contact me months or even years after my initial series of contacts. Most customers don’t remember your name so it is important to stay in contact so that when they finally decide to purchase an alarm system they are calling you. There is nothing worse than finding out that one of your customers purchased an alarm from a different sales person in your company because they forgot your name and called your Company and just asked for sales.give your potential customers .

Get your own website

An auto responder is definitely a requirement for following up but you must also give your potential customer something to do, a direction to go. You could just give them some information in the email but directing them back to a website that you control is the best way to increase sales. A corporate website is rarely designed to make sales.

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