Fire Alarm Systems Web Site Design

Fire Alarm Systems Web Site Design

A Fire Alarm Systems website must be designed for your customer to be able to find but they must be the right customers. If you do business in the Sacramento,CA area then receiving calls from customers located in Fresno,CA does you no good at all. You must also convey enough information on the pages of your website so that the customer wants to get more information.

Complete SEO for your Fire Alarm Systems Website

Your website must be a blend that shows the search engines that your site is chock full of information but also written so that your customers can understand the information and want to pick up the phone and call you.

Multiple forms of contact

Your potential customers will want a variety of ways to reach you. Customers are different so you must provide all of the ways possible to reach you. We set you up for every way possible:

  • Online Contact Form
  • Your Company phone number listed on every sidebar of the website
  • Your email listed on every page in a graphic ( This eliminates data miners from grabbing your email address)
  • We also list your fax number
  • Your You Tube Channel
  • Your Facebook Page

Using Social Media for Leads

Many Fire Alarm companies do not regard social media as a way to generate leads. Social media has a lot of reach when it comes to the people that it reaches. It is fairly easy to setup and there is no cost so it is not something that should be overlooked.

You Tube Videos

Videos is completely overlooked when it comes to alarm and Fire Alarm companies. A great video is very easy to put together and can get you immediate rankings with the search engines. The fact that no fire alarm company website that I have ever seen takes advantage of using videos to promote there business. This means that the few that do can really reap the rewards.


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