Custom Website Design

Building a Custom Website Design for your Business

Custom Website Design is based on designing a website with a very singular purpose. Each page has been written based on keyword search volume so that each page can be ranked highly and garnishes organic rankings. Organic rankings are free results and can usually be very easily obtained. You should be treating your website like it is a niche.

In reality every website page should be treated as a niche page for the specific keyword that the website page has content for. This could potentially yield a very large website as you will find that as you break down your website there are many related keywords and each page should only have specific content for a specific keyword.

How to find the best keywords for your niche

One way to find the keyword phrases that people are searching for is to open a free Google Ad words account. You do not have to open an account but the amount of words that you can research is limited. It only takes a few extra steps to open an account and this will open up the amount of research that you can do. Even though Google ad words will give you all the results that you need to pick a new niche or to create new pages on your existing website it still takes some time to gather all of the results.

Which Keyword Phrases are best?

You will want to find keyword phrases that people are searching for but also that have less competition. The more competition there is the harder it is to get a 1st page ranking. The first page of Google is where you have to be to get any measurable results. The 2nd page just will not do.

How do you write these keywords into your Website Content?alarm company

You must incorporate your keyword phrase with the correct density. If you use them to much then you will be penalized for keyword stuffing on your own website. If you use them too little another website will overtake you.

Your website should be designed as a custom website for your specific business or niche. BNDreamMakers will help to take your content and intermixing popular keywords for your particular business. After all having a website is important but potential customers looking at it is crucial.

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